Why We’re Here

Every now and then someone captures the essence of why we are doing what we do. Today one of the Rouse participants said, “I’d never have as many opportunities to explore myself, interact with creative types and receive support were it not for the effort it takes you to sort through so many ideas and creative thoughts.”

K’s words of gratitude keep us fueled . . . we’re excited about continuing to work, sort and sift. We’ll be creating more opportunities in 2015, and opening these up to more participants. As K said, this is about:

  • Exploring oneself
  • Interacting with other creative people
  • Getting support for your creativity

So grateful for the chance to serve and create together!

The Synergy of Partnership

The beauty of working with a partner is that you can accomplish things you couldn’t do on your own. I never dreamed I would be leading a class in dance along with writing – but with a teaching partner like Jenna Abernathy, exciting modalities are unfolding.

Here, Jenna and I talk about the work we’re doing together.

Have you ever leaned on the strengths of another to find yourself creating something you didn’t think possible? We’d love to hear your stories.

Meanwhile, keep creating!

With fire,





The Power of Collaboration

There’s a synergy when creative people get together and pool their talents, energies, and ideas.

It’s what we’re all about!

Since we launched Rouse in summer, 2013, we’ve filled our venue with salon nights, Open Call artist gatherings, and workshops teaching  mindfulness, creativity, and how to manage food addictions. We’ve hosted improv, crafternoons, writing classes, and many nurturing meals and gatherings.



Now we are moving away from being a place-based venue, and increasing our collaborative ingenuity in many exciting directions.

The magic of our collaboration is that it is just as fluid as we are. As Nancy Goodyear writes in her article, “It Takes 2 to Tango,” the best collaborations are often those where “there has been a shared stake  (or vision),” and where “the end product was only loosely defined at the start (e.g. a course, a workshop, etc.).”

She underscores that having the space and freedom to explore and create together are the key.

We are letting go of our connection to a physical space, and at the same time, coming up with some beautiful partnerships.

Christi Krug is partnering with Sage Cohen of Path of Possibility to teach Finding Our Stride: How to Build Momentum in Our Writing Life, throughout March. Drop-ins are welcome! More info at Meetup.

Jenna Abernathy is partnering with Portland School of Astrology to teach “Moonshadow,” helping you heal food and body challenges through astrology, beginning March 11.

And Jenna and Christi are teaming up to bring you “Stories in the Body,” an interactive, inspiring workshop of yoga and creative writing, April 26, 2014. Details coming soon.

We have a number of breakthrough, synergistic, dynamic projects in the work, so stay tuned. And thanks so much for helping us to spread creativity and wonder throughout our community!